Mike Forrester
Michael (Mike) Forrester is a seasoned executive and business owner with a long history of developing world-class sales organizations with proven results.

Mr. Forrester has used his expert knowledge and skills in the areas of sales, marketing, planning and business development to promote or enhance companies who want to grow and expand through his consultation and leadership.  He is known and respected for taking an active "hands-on" role in the implementation of plans and strategies in order to guarantee a high degree of positive and profitable results.

Mike is a featured speaker, author and instructor for small companies.  He has been an instructor for business planning courses through the Denver Chamber of Commerce and is former President of Toastmasters International.  Articles on sales techniques and management written by Mike have been published in Harvard Business Review, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, Direct Sales Management, Denver Business Journal and other respected publications.
Mr. Forrester has a BS degree in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing from Eastern Illinois University.  He also has completed graduate courses in accounting, finance and international marketing.  He has a wide range of sales and technical training certification, including Success Motivation Institute (SMI), Xerox Learning Centers, Dale Carnegie, and Tommy Hopkins.
"In any moment of decision, the BEST THING you can do is the RIGHT THING; the next best thing is the WRONG THING; and the worst thing you can do is NOTHING." - Anonymous
Mike Forrester
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