Why do companies use Forrester Consulting Group
The age of the part-time Professional is here. As the cost of a sales call edges toward $600 per call, it becomes more important than ever before to effectively identify, target and plan a successful sales and marketing effort in order to achieve profitable growth.  Small businesses are faced with the ultimate paradox in that they need the talents, abilities and experience of a $250,000 a year VP-Marketing/Sales to achieve the level of growth needed, but can't afford it and thus do not receive the benefits of having that person on board. 

Now, a new concept is available whereby the small business can reap the benefits of the expertise without having to pay the exorbitant fees.  The Forrester Consulting Group can help you meet your goals; as we are frequently called upon to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Is there currently a quantifiable plan in force that will lead us to our goals?
  • How can we most effectively increase our gross revenues?
  • How will growth affect profitability?
  • What resources will be needed to grow the company?
  • Do we have the necessary organization and talents which growth will require?
  • What is the best organizational structure for us?
  • How does our financial performance compare with other firms of our size in our industry?
  • Are our current plans and strategies sufficient to achieve our goals?
  • Where should our managerial efforts be focused, in light of our current situation?
Why do companies use Forrester Consulting Group?
"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.  What we attain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly; it is adversity that gives everything its value." - Thomas Payne
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